Is your strategy driving sustainable growth in revenue and gross margins?

Strategy simply put is having the ability to generate top line sales consistently over a longer period of time. Of course your competition is also trying to do the same thing, to paraphrase the great Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz, strategy is only as good as your next encounter with the enemy (or decision by your competitor). Therefore, it’s critical that the senior leadership team work on your strategy each week to figure out your next moves.

Some of the biggest challenges we see CEOs and MDs facing in this increasingly faster more competitive markets are:

  • Maintaning double figure growth year upon year.
  • Can’t see into the future and have no idea where the company is likely to end up.
  • Always reacting to what the competition is doing and never feel as if we are gaining on them.
  • Conscious of the impact technology is having on business but can’t figure out how to leverage it to advance the business.


It’s becoming increasingly more obvious that the businesses that do not have Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG™)  or Massive Transformative Purposes (MTP) to work towards, are finding it harder and harder to compete in an ever faster and more disruptive environment. Companies with BHAGs and MTPs held at the core of what they do and how they do it, have far more success in creating an exciting and compelling culture which in turn allows them to attract the right talent to help the business achieve what it wants to. Strategic thinking is then generated by like minded individuals all aligned to the same outcome, purpose driven not profit driven. It is this appraoch that sets some organisations apart from the rest.

If you don’t have clarity around your BHAG or MVP then please feel free to contact me and find out how our Scaling Up Programme help you gain clarity.