Are all the stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders) happy and engaged in the business. Would you enthusiastically rehire all of them?

More often than not the reality is very different, Gallups’ Employee Engagement report discovered that 50% of our employees just put in their time, with only 30% actively engaged and committed, leaving 20% of employees actively disengaged with their organisation effectively slowing down its progress.

The major problem in these organisations is the executive team!!

The executive team lead from the top, if you have a dysfunctional organisation, full of in-fighting between departments, high turnover of middle management with growth in the business non existent or worse shrinking, you are likely to see all those signs within the executive team too!

All executive and management teams need to be aligned with one compelling reason to come to the organisation every day. They need to cohesively commit to a course of action that will advance the organisation and then they need to deliver on that commitment to really start scaling up the organisation once more.



If your organisation is showing any or all of these signs then you need to act now to re-engage with all of your members of your senior management team to ensure they are not actively dis-engaging their teams below them. If you are struggling to work out ways of doing this, feel free to contact me to find out more about how our Scaling Up Programme can help.