What’s Your One Thing?


How many times have you heard someone preaching to you as a business owner, you should be spending more time ON your business rather than in it?  Too many no doubt if you have been in business for any length of time.  In reality though, it is very difficult to not get bogged down in the day to day stuff, there isn’t a day or week goes by where most of us don’t ask ourselves “where has the time gone?”.

Everyone knows that in business (as indeed with life in general) the best way to be successful is to understand where you are going and what success looks like when you get there, but how on earth do you stay focussed on your goals for the business when they are 10, 20 or 25 years away?

Essentially you need a plan, once you have clarified what success is and what your business looks like in 10 years (say), you need to break that plan down into sizable chunks, right down to quarterly goals, once you know that, you can then split your quarter into months and each month should have 4 “one things”.

“One things” are just that, they are one specific task that you need to do, over and above the day to day stuff that will inch you closer to achieving the big goal.  Can I ask you how much closer would your business be to achieving what you want it to do if you could achieve 46 “one things” each year for ten years?  460 one things is a lot of tasks to get done, specifically to achieve your vision / long term goal.

“One things” can be used for the day to day stuff too, how many of you reading this now are snowed under with work or administration?  How many of you have fallen behind in one or several areas of your business?  How do you address that problem, you prioritise what needs to be done, break it up into a series of manageable “one things” and  deal to one each week, before you know it you will have caught up with the back log and in doing so will have created a habit of doing a “one thing” every week, it’s at this point you can start getting a head of the game.

The old saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, that’s right it was built brick by brick over time, business is the same, no business is created and successful over night but they are all built on the ability to achieve a series of “one things” over time.

What’s your “one thing” for this week?