Cohesive Team Assessment


The Cohesive Team Assessment (CTA) is designed to give applicants an indication as to how well their team or in the case of smaller business, the whole business works together.

The purpose of this assessment is to give leaders an understanding of how prevalent the influence of office politics or disruptive individuals are within your organisation. We know that the biggest frustrations to leaders is the ability to get their team(s) to do what is needed to benefit the business as a whole, but all too often that gets prioritised lower than it should by the agendas and ambitions of individuals or teams. This simple assessment will take know more than 2 minutes to complete.

The statements are categorised into 3 distinct areas, (which will not be clear until the results are given) Ego Driven, Fiefdom (Departmental)Focused and Unified Front; you will find out which has the greatest influence in your organisation and as a result of those findings as a leader you will have a better idea on where to instigate change if change is needed.


There are 15 statements which you must read through, read them carefully, don’t over think your response and answer one of the 3 options given to you.

Once you have responded to all the statements click on the “Get Results” and you will be taken to another page where the most prominent area of influence will be described in detail. Take a look at the graph to see how you balance out across the three areas as it is not uncommon to be strong in two of them. The higher you score in each area the more influence it has on your business.

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1.Individuals within the management team are aggressive in putting their view point across in discussions *
2.Individuals / departments seem to work to their own agenda. *
3.Rolling out company initiatives is difficult and always takes longer than anticipated. *
4.There is high staff turnover in certain areas of the business. *
5.Sick days are a problem and difficult to cover. *
6.If certain individuals have a bad day, we all have a bad day. *
7.When things go wrong we find out who is to blame first. *
8.Managers have their favorite employees and treat them better than the rest. *
9.Individual performance is given higher importance than team performance. *
10.Disciplinary procedure is about protecting the organisation first and foremost. *
11.Values are clearly identified and are part of everyone’s day to day language. *
12.Some departments do not get on or work well with each other *
13.The purpose of the organisation is clear and everyone can state what it is. *
14.Departments rate their priorities over that of the organisation. *
15.There is an excessive amount of mistakes being made throughout the organisation. *