Selling to your Clients Needs not Wants


Needs not WantsOne of the hardest part of the entire sales process (next to closing the sale) is to properly identify exactly what it is your customer needs. What is the real reason for them to come and see you, how do you stop yourself making assumptions about your customer, can you distinguish the difference between what your customer wants as opposed to what they need or are they one of the same thing?  Whoever within your business is responsible for sales or providing solutions has a responsibility to both the client and the business’s reputation to identify what the customer truly needs; why is this so important?  If you fulfill a client’s needs you have provided a solution to a problem that they have encountered, if you only fulfill their wants you have addressed an emotion but if this emotion does not address the problem they have encountered at some point they may think that your company cannot resolve their problem and go else where.

How do you or your staff ensure they get down to the need?  Ask lots of questions, do your research and whatever you find out ask the client to confirm the details to ensure you have identified the problem; and if in that process of identifying the need you can also fulfill the want you will have your customer on a professional and emotional level, a very powerful position for building a loyal customer and one who will have give you good referrals.

That means as a business owner you have a responsibility to ensure that your entire sales team are fully trained in finding out your clients motivation to buy from you and to ensure the solution is the correct one.

It’s too expensive to send my staff on training courses, I can’t afford to have them off the job”

Unique to Dave Sewell Training & Support for Retail & Small Business are a series of sales courses designed to be held at your work premises, each lasting no more than one hour and collectively are designed to take your staff through the entire sales process, giving them tips and skills to ensure they can maximise each potential sale;Selling to Your Clients Needs not Wants is the second of seven modules taking your staff through the sales process.

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