Which Management Style Should I Use


What is a management style and more importantly to the employee, what is a good management style? We have all come across good managers and bad managers, managers that get things done and other managers that appear not to be able to make any decisions, some of them make our lives easy at work whilst others make work unbearable. ManagementThere are many ways that we come to the conclusions we reach about our managers, ultimately the best managers are the ones that can use a particular style to suit the situation; there are three main types of management style, all have their place and all are relevant to running a business from day to day.

As a business owner or manager responsible for other employees it’s very important that you are aware of the three main management styles know when they should be used (and when they shouldn’t) and incorporate them into your day to day management practices.

Do you or your staff know when to use a Laissez-Faire style of management and when would you only ever use an Autocratic style of management?

Most employees get upset with their line managers and/or business owners because “of the way they run the business” bearing in mind that the employee sees how a business is run by how it affects their working day, where problems arise is when a business owner / manager’s management style does not suit a situation and they cannot change; this inevitably increases the stress levels of both the owner / manager and the employee(s) as any given situation could become worse before it gets better.

To give an example of the point I am trying to get across, in my early management years I used to have a manager that everyone viewed to be “as hard as nails” cross the guy and he’s liable to sack you than to talk to you; most of the staff lived in a quiet fear of him; he was the type of manager that walked into a room and everyone went quiet.  This same person also was well respected by the staff because they knew that if anything went wrong (and it often did due to the nature of the business) he would get it sorted quickly and efficiently.  This manager’s style was highly Autocratic “it’s my way or the highway” was his motto; did it lead to a happy environment to work in, no not really and he did have a high turnover of staff.

It’s too expensive to send my staff on training courses, I can’t afford to have them off the job”

Unique to Dave Sewell Training & Support for Retail & Small Business are a series of management training courses designed to be held at your work premises, each lasting no more than one hour and collectively are designed to take your staff through a broad understanding of management  processes, giving them tips and skills to ensure they can maximise the general operation of your business;Management Styles is the second of eight modules taking your staff through that management process.

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