Delegating – It gets work done!!


DelegatingI just never have enough time to do what needs to be done in a day”, a common statement uttered by business owners and managers across every industry so what can be done about it?  Delegate, spread the work load, maybe even give the job to someone who is more qualified that you, “but I’m the business owner no one knows more than me” …….. as a business owner if you have surrounded yourself with people that know less than you in every facet of your business you need help in recruitment!!  The whole idea of having staff is to make you the business owner or manager’s life a little bit easier by being able to share the workload, otherwise why bother having staff?

There are certain rules to delegating that you need to think about:

  • Am I the right person for the job?
  • Who is the right person for the job?
  • How much is that person doing already?
  • Can I train a lesser skilled person to do this job?
  • Will I have time to evaluate the job?

Delegating is about better utilising your resources to improve efficiencies within your business, it should not be used so you the business owner / manager can have time off.

By choosing the right person for the right job whilst ensuring they have the time to carry out the extra task you will find more can be done and your stress levels will not need to go through the roof during the process!!

Want to know learn more about effective delegation …………..

Unique to Dave Sewell Training & Support for Retail & Small Business are a series of management training courses designed to be held at your work premises, each lasting no more than one hour and collectively are designed to take your staff through a broad understanding of management  processes, giving them tips and skills to ensure they can maximise the general operation of your business; Delegating – It gets Work Done! is the fifth of eight modules taking your staff through that process.

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