Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!


Nobody likes feeling like a fish out of water!

There is a saying “do what you have always done and you will get what you have always got” and how very true this saying is.  2011 has been a year of challenges for most business owners in and around Christchurch, having to cope with over a year of earthquakes (9500 shakes at the time of writing this have been recorded in Canterbury since the first big one on September 4th 2010!) which followed a couple of bad years in the economy in general.  One thing this has taught us, is the need to get out of our comfort zones so that we can do what needs to be done to grow our business.

What do I mean by this?  As a business owner it is important to continue to learn and up skill yourself to help you adapt to changes in your industry, in your environment, in your customers buying behaviors and technological developments to name but a few areas.  Often it is hard to find the time, once you have found the inclination to do the learning but once you have done this you will be benefiting yourself and your business, right?

Not necessarily, it is one thing to go on a workshop, attend a seminar or two or even hire the services of a business coach but if you do not have “balls” to carry what you have learnt through to implementation then what changes ……… nothing, the only thing you have done is added cost to the business with no benefit.

To implement knew ways of doing things into your business WILL take you out of your comfort zone, it is not unusual to think “what if this doesn’t work?”, “what if I can’t get the staff to buy into this?”, “what if this ends up costing me more than I originally thought?”.  I would ask you “what will you lose by not doing it?”

How Can You Make This Process Easier?

  • If you are going to attend a workshop or seminar, be sure to research the subject a bit before you decide to go, try and understand how easy it will be for you to implement the subject matter into your business.
  • Will you need to employ the services of an expert on the subject to help you implement it into the business, find out how much that will cost, can you afford this too.
  • If you are worried about getting your staff to accept any change, why not get their input as to what they think may work for the business, getting them to think about the challenges of the business in advance may well make it easier for them to accept change when it comes, rather than springing it on them.
  • If you are worried you wont implement the new skills into the business, find someone that will make you accountable for your actions (or lack there of), this could be one of your trusted staff members, a partner or a business mentor.

What ever you do, don’t try to implement new ways of doing things without some form of support, challenging your own way of doing things and often your beliefs is extremely challenging and will always throw you outside what you find comfortable, someone nearby to support you when this happens is the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.