One of the biggest struggle business owners or executive teams have is creating a strategy that is truly different or even disrupting meaning most businesses never break free of the myopia of their industry. Looking for something to complement the Four Decisions™ frame work we reached out to Dr Kaihan Krippendorf to teach us his Outthinker programme which he has developed over the last decade and is now THE process to develop that disrupting strategy.


One of only three coaches in NZ and one of only 15 coaches world-wide to be certified in Outthinker an extremely powerful approach to strategy Scaling Up NZ is now positioned itself as THE strategic coaching company in NZ.


The Outthinker Playbook

The rules of business are changing. The four strategies which companies have used to succeed over the past decades are now being superseded by a new and different playbook. Make sure you’ve updated your mindset to what works today.



The Outthinker Process and Habits

At the heart of success as an outthinker are five habits and a five-step process which leads outthinkers to see and then realize unorthodox solutions to society’s problems. When applied, these habits and this process will generate some dynamic new strategic options and a game plan which has strategic clarity. When you think innovatively and creatively, there are no limits to what you can achieve.


How to build a Sustainable Outthinker Culture

Generating and building the organizational capacity to approach strategic challenges in ways that consistently surprise the market involves three sequential challenges: