Gazelles International

One of our Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) is to set a high standard of coaching and then make that standard THE standard for our industry, our first step in that quest was to partner with an organisation that could help us develop the tools for that standard and hold us accountable for our continued learning.


Gazelles International was the logical choice, founded by international speaker and best-selling author Verne Harnish 20 years ago. Gazelles is a polarizing force for the best business thinking minds around the world and through the relationship that Gazelles foster with those professionals bring us a continued wealth of knowledge, access and new thinking to ensure we are always at the forefront of our industry. Gazelles standards require us to reach 40 hours of continued personal development every year to keep our certification up to date – no other coaching company in the country are put through this rigor.

One of only three coaches in the country certified to this level, we educate our clients on the core principals of Gazelles; the Four Decisions™ relating our coaching to one of these 4 areas at any given time to drive our clients’ business forward; People, Strategy, Execution and Cash

If you are looking to educate your management / executive team, bring them closer together and more aligned with your business and its growth needs, you absolutely should put them through the Four Decisions™ coaching programme.