NPR Score

Net Promoter System (NPS)

We use the Net Promoter System (NPS) to evaluate how we are doing from our clients point of view. The NPS asks the recipient how likely they are to recommend the services of Scaling Up on a scale of 0 -10 and then it asks them why they scored that way. Our clients must have been receiving our coaching for a minimum of 6 months so that enough time has passed for them to give their honest appraisal. We have been collecting this information for a couple of years now and we have set our bench mark at 75% the score on the left is kept continually up to date and shows the average over the last 6 month period.

We display this so that our clients feedback keeps us honest and hopefully it will give you an element of confidence in allowing Scaling Up NZ to help you with your growth goals. Please have a look at the types of companies we have or are working with and what they have to say about us.


Dean Addie, CEO, EIS Ltd “EIS set a lofty vision in early 2015 to triple sales by the year 2020. That was when we were introduced to Dave Sewell, our Scaling Up Coach. Dave has coached us through our first year along our path to 2020 and in that time has worked with our whole team to understand the concepts and put co-managed objectives in place. Dave keeps us accountable and on track and works very hard to make sure he is a step ahead of us. Thanks Dave for your continued support.”

Dean Addie, CEO, EIS Ltd

Izaac Simon, Director, Simon Construction Ltd “We engaged Dave Sewell in early 2013 to develop our business strategy. Dave has been integral in enabling us to build the right team and to execute that strategy. Dave’s guidance and direction has had a very positive effect on our business. He is not scared to ask the hard questions to ensure we stay on track to achieve our goals”

Izaac Simon, Director, Simon Construction Ltd

Annabel Sloss, Director, Annabel’s Educare Ltd “Working with Dave has resulted in many positive changes within our organisation. WE have better cohesiveness across the business and are now committed to focusing on improving growth. Dave makes it all so exciting and enjoyable. He helped me get my business back on track after the Christchurch Earthquakes and in doing so has encouraged me to make some very bold decisions to improve the quality of the business”

Annabel Sloss, Director, Annabel’s Educare Ltd

Norman McKenzie, Director, Meta Digital Dave Sewell provides us a critical expert outside perspective to strategically execute in areas of our business where it matters most. As a business owner we sometime fail to pay attention to things which can transform our service offerings, our customers experience and ultimately our bottom line. Dave's approach is practical and focussed on real-world opportunities where we can improve. This all adds up to transform our business over time. The best part of working with Dave is the refreshed feeling of focus enthusiasm and belief in our business I get from our coaching sessions​.

Norman McKenzie, Director, Meta Digital