Do you have consistent sources of cash, ideally generated internally, to fuel the growth of your business?

You can get by with decent People, Strategy and Execution, but not a day without Cash. Cash becomes even more critical as the business scales up, since “growth sucks cash”. The key is innovating ways to generate sufficient profit and cash flow internally, so you don’t have to rely on the banks to fuel your growth.

Can you say yes to the following:

  • I have enough Cash to cover my operating costs for at least 6 months if I earned nothing in that time.
  • My debtors and creditors or all up to date.
  • I have a working cash flow forecast and have budgeted for growth this year.
  • I know what my Cash Conversion Cycle days are and are actively doing everything we can to reduce them.


Cash is oxygen to the business everyone in the business should understand what they have to do to encourage positive cash flow in the business.

Our Approach

1 Gain Focus

Together, we will identify the potential weaknesses in your cash flow cycle and put a plan in place to rectify these areas. This could be anything from pricing models, invoice cycle times through to invoice collection processes.

2 Take Action

With a clear understanding of what areas need to be developed, we can get initiatives put into place with all the relevant staff and/or departments. As with any other initiative implemented in business, we will put the right key performance indicators (KPI’s) in place and report on these regularly so that we can measure progress.

3 Reap the Rewards

With initiatives put in place, the benefits to the company will quickly start to surface. You can expect to see improved cash flow, improved profitability, reduction in bad debtors and even improved productivity in the office due to a reduction in the level of bad debt. Furthermore, you’ll also sleep easier knowing that your business’s financial health is in great shape.