Building Great Leaders

Great people build great organisations

It just shouldn’t be that hard to have everyone working together!


Office politics, individuals or groups with their own agendas working against the initiatives of the organisation is the biggest challenge to any leader.


Be the leader YOU have always wanted to be!


We Put Up With This…


  • In fighting within the management team.
  • Individuals or departments running to their own agendas not the organisations.
  • Poor decisions being made leading to costly mistakes.
  • Multiple hiring failures.
  • High turn over of employees.
  • Constant absenteeism and sickness.
  • Managing Director or CEO feeling isolated and severely stressed.
  • No growth strategy or clear direction for the future.

What We Want Is This…


  • A cohesive management team that works well together.
  • All team members and departments working together to achieve the organisations initiatives.
  • Great decisions being made that grows the business.
  • Great hiring practices that attract A players.
  • Low turnover of employees
  • No excessive levels of absenteeism of sickness
  • Managing Director or CEO feels they are part of a well oiled machine.
  • Compelling growth strategy with a clear direction for the organisation.



The Programme

Lasting over a 10 month period, this programme is presented in a public workshop model for groups of around 6-8 attendees or can be run in-house and will take you on a journey of discovery about yourself and your team. Drawing upon a mixture of ancient history, modern understanding of science of the brain and best practices in driving employee engagement all brought together in an interactive, often funny and definitely challenging way. All this mixed with the peer accountability of the group will ensure you take everything back to your organisation and implement ideas immediately.

You will learn:

  • Month 1 – Power of the clan, we learn the only purpose of a leader from our ancient ancestors.
  • Month 2 – Our society through technology has advanced exponentially but our brains have not, learn the real science behind why we work better with others.
  • Month 3 – The Big “C”, what is it, why is it killing our employees and as leaders what can we do about it.
  • Month 4 – The 5 functions (functions 1 & 2) that every team must get right to work well together.
  • Month 5 – The 5 functions (functions 3 – 5) that every team must get right to work well together.
  • Month 6 –¬†Becoming a level 5 leader, what it takes and why does it matter…your organisation will thank you for it!
  • Month 7 – Multiplying the capability of those around us to increase the capability of our organisation.
  • Month 8 – Toxic employees – why they exist and what you can do about them.
  • Month 9 – Building an outcome focused mindset
  • Month 10 – Keeping our people engaged and excited

3 weeks after each class there is a webinar held for the class to come together to discuss, insights, challenges and table questions to the group to help them get the most from each class.

Price per attendee is $4,500 + GST to be paid prior to programme starting or you can choose a monthly payment option of $500 + GST


Dress code is strictly casual, all power dressing and egos will be left at the door!!


Fully implemented into your organisation this course will provide you with the following outcomes:

40% less absenteeism

20% more top line growth

100% of the team working together!!