Are all the stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders) happy and engaged in the business. Would you rehire all of them?

Business leaders need to surround themselves with great people and have great support networks and mechanisms in place. Every person is critical to the success in the business, the success of the business is directly linked to the collective intelligence and well-being of all the people.

If you have happy and engaged people in your organisation you shouldn’t see signs of the following:

  • People in your business that don’t take ownership of anything and always pass the blame.
  • Struggling to get everyone engaged in where with the business is going and actively help to get there.
  • Lots of sick days with people actively avoiding coming to work.
  • People in the team that continually disrupts everyone else?


Allowing any or all of the above scenarios to continue in the business will continue to drain your emotional energy, leaving little left to expend on Strategy, Execution and Cash areas of the business, that’s why the People decision is the first decision we address in the 4 Decisions model.

Our Approach

1 Gain Focus

Our first step is to align the entire company with the framework that is wrapped around your strategy (see strategy page for more details), we work with staff to ensure that they understand the purpose and value of the business so that they have a common goal to work towards. This results in an increase in quality standards at every level of your business that staff are involved in.

2 Measure Success

What does success mean in each role in your company? Here we develop balance score cards (an essential tool in Top Grading) for every role so that everyone in the company knows what they are trying to achieve. Key accountabilities are also clarified across the executive team each role having key performance indicators that need to be met.

3 Reap the Rewards

This is where the magic happens! During this step, you will reap the rewards of your hard work carried out in Step 1 & 2. With all the staff aligned with what the business is trying to achieve, you can expect to see the following results: Sick days and staff turnover will be reduced. You will also notice that staff are happier, more motivated and more productive. This puts your business into the position of growth you are looking for. As your staff adapt, your stress levels (and even the number of hours you normally have to put into the business) will drop.