Our purpose: Why we’re here…

To share the best education and real life industry experiences that work to help your business scale up.



Brand Promise

Best education

Our continuous learning and certifications ensure we will always provide the latest thinking in business.

Best solution

We are not a franchise and we don’t work from a script. Instead, we tailor what we know to meet the needs of your business.

Best value

You are our client, you understand what value means to you and we will ensure that we deliver what you are looking for.


Core Values

1 If it isn’t honest then don’t do it!

Our approach to everything we do in our business.

2 Everyday's a school day.

If you are not learning, you are not growing.

3 Ask the difficult questions, challenge and prepared to be challenged.

This is essential to ensure we make the right decisions.

4 I​f we don’t get it, get out.

If we can’t connect with our clients and their visions we won’t engage them.

5 Think big picture and get outside the square.

To be great you can’t think normal.

About Dave Sewell

About Dave Sewell

Managing Director and Gazelle’s Accredited Business Coach

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